My name is ... and I have a furry wang

It's a problem.

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This is a closed community, centering around the online lives of lyenuv,myuutsuu, kelahrim, katzenflammen,and rahsyk

This community is invite-only, because we're elitist furry bitches.

This community is not anti-furry. In fact, all, or at least, most of us are in the fandom, we're just comfortable enough in ourselves to enjoy humor at the expense of the fandom. Har.

The purpose of this community is for a small group of friends to basically, make eachother laugh their asses off. We'll be posting IM chats, picture's that would make the wonderful people over at vcl_horrors cringe, and stuff like that. Yes, it will most likely be NSFW. Hee.

If you don't know what a furry is, I suggest you copy/paste the link

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